5 Things That I Have Loved On Our Trip So Far

We are over half way through our trip, so I decided that I would choose my five favourite things that we have done so far.

1. Disneyland Paris

Disney just passes as number 1 but other things came in close, so it was a very hard decision to make! My favourite ride in Disney was It’s a Small World because of all the dolls singing and dancing, it just made me feel so happy! I loved it so much that we went on this ride three or four times.

Disney - It's a Small World
Just about to go on the ‘It’s A Small World’ ride (my favourite!)
Disney - Its a Small World_3
In ‘It’s a Small World’ there were lots of dolls singing and dancing and here are some of them

Click here to read my Disney blog post.

Anyway, I can’t go on about how much I loved Disney, as I’ve still got to tell you about four more things.

2. Canoeing

Number 2 is even harder to choose so I guess that it will have to be canoeing down the River Gardon in France.   Dad and I got stuck a lot, but that is because he was being lazy and letting me do all the paddling (only joking Dad!).

Canoeing - river to ourselves
Me paddling hard and Dad being lazy (sorry, taking the picture!)

At the end we were all very tired. I liked that it was quiet and peaceful and that every half an hour or so you could see a heron sitting by the water waiting for its meal. And often you would feel a bump and then hear a splash as you went over little rapids.  Click here for my canoeing blog post.

Canoeing - worn out!
We were VERY tired after our canoeing!

3. Annie and Daisy

Number 3 is a very easy one to choose as it is very important to me. We all feel as though we were meant to meet Annie and Daisy and their family. The campsite that we were staying on was called Vilanova Park and we only planned to stay there for four nights, but we ended up staying for a month, mainly so that Emma and I could play with them.


Annie and Daisy had a younger sister called Bea, a dog called Rudy and their Mum and Dad were called Claire and Kris. Annie and Daisy were kind, friendly and not to mention funny!  Nicer people you couldn’t find.


4. Olive Picking

Number 4 is olive picking. Ahh, olive picking! Such an enjoyable thing that we did! I loved it, although I can’t imagine doing it every day because my hands ached afterwards. We knocked olives off the trees and helped hold the nets and it was really fun when we rode on the tractor at the end.

Beas de Granada - olive harvesting, riding in tractor

A little while later we were sitting surrounded by olive trees eating our lunch, which was lovely.

5. The Eiffel Tower

Now the Eiffel Tower is very tricky as it was a while ago, so I have to really think to remember. Anyway, we walked up to the first floor and Emma and Mummy both wanted to go to the second floor, so Dad and I stayed where we were. I know that I do not like spiral staircases and I freak out if I go up one, so I didn’t want to go any higher.

Paris - Eiffel Tower

The first floor of the Eiffel Tower felt a lot like the ground but with a very good view. It had artificial grass, places that we could buy food, toilets and plant pots. As I mentioned before, you could buy food there but we didn’t need it because we had brought a packed lunch. So when Mummy and Emma returned, we had a picnic looking over the city.  Click here to read my Eiffel Tower blog post.

Paris - picnic at Eiffel Tower
Eating our picnic with a great view of the city!

We have done some amazing things on this trip and these are my favourites so far.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about them.  Thank you.


  • fordjane2014

    Megan, I love reading your blog and makes me smile every time thinking of you all. Your highlights must have been very difficult to decide on given all the amazing things you have done! Keep writing and having fun… I wonder if the top 5 will have changed in the next few months? Might have to become a top 20! Sending lots of love to you and the whole family. Jane xxx

  • Aunty Anne

    Wow Megan you have had so many wonderful experiences and I’m sure you’re going to have many more to come . I’ve enjoyed reading your blog Love Aunty Anne ps I still need to know how The Uncommoners ends 😊📚😘

  • Sue cornah

    Gorgeous Megan I loved reading your blog and about your favourite things so far, when we took mummy to Disneyworld I think It’s a Small World was her favourite too and we were singing the song all through the Holiday. I love that picture of you and Emma when you were so tired after the canoeing. Lovely to hear your take on things. All our live Grandma and grandpa. Xx

    • Sarah

      Yes we were very tired after we canoed and It’s A Small World was and is a very good ride!👍💞💗💖💝🇬🇧 Megan xxx

  • Roy

    Hi Megan, wow thank for coming up with your update on the trip so far, looks like your having a fab time and seeing lots of things, I thing my number one would be Canoeing as I to like the peace you get, have a fab time

  • Liz Wetherby

    Megan, thanks for sharing your favorites. I don’t know how you ever chose just 5!! I love it when you and Emma blog because it gives me a little bit different glimpse of this amazing adventure you’re on and your writing is so wonderfully descriptive. Thanks again!!!

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much! Originally I was going to do 10 but that would have taken ages so Mum suggested doing 5. As I said, it was very hard to choose 5 things only so it took me 2 or 3 days to write it! Thanks again, Megan

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