Our Day Canoeing

We recently spent a day canoeing on the River Gardon in the south of France.


Here we are about to set off


When we arrived we got our life jackets on and got into the boats.  I was lucky because we got a barrel that you take your belongings in and I got to lean on it.  When we were first on the river my paddle was going everywhere and I didn’t know how to use it.  But Dad showed me how it worked and it got easier.  You could only have two people in each boat so I chose to go with Dad. 


I got a barrel to lean against


A bit further down the river I saw the first rapid.  It was scary and we got soaked but it was fun anyway.  As the wind started to pick up I lost control of my paddle and we started going sideways down the river.  It was just then when Dad said, “Megs, we’re doing a grand job, we’re going sideways down the river!”  The next rapid was very big and I got drenched. 



Dad found a place where we could stop for lunch.  I thought it was a good stop as well but we both forgot to tell Mum and Emma.  By that time you may have guessed what happened…yes, they got stuck trying to turn around.  After a while they finally got unstuck, we had lunch and then got back on the river.  This time it was our turn to get stuck.  As well as going aground a couple of times we also ran into a bush (a big bush).  I almost lost my hat going through it but Dad picked it up for me.  I hoped we were near the end by then because I was seriously tired.  When we saw the pick-up point I was SO happy!  Then we got a minibus back to the car and that was our kayaking trip on the River Gardon.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Canoeing - worn out!
Going back in the minibus – I was VERY tired!


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