Saying Goodbye

It was never going to be easy to say goodbye!   Somehow, no matter how exciting what you are going to go on to do and how ready you are to set off, when you get to the point of leaving you suddenly feel very keenly what you are going to miss.
We have actually spent the last few weeks/months saying goodbye and preparing to leave. Since we announced our leaving date, we have never had so many invitations to go to dinner or get together with friends. I guess our friends (and we ourselves) suddenly realised that in a few months we would be gone and the opportunity wouldn’t be there. And with our closest friends, there has been a desire to fit in as many opportunities to spend time together as possible.
We are so grateful to everyone who came to help pack, looked after the children so Andy and I could get on with moving our boxes over to the container, cooked us meals, let us use their baths or showers, let us do our washing and hang it on the line or brought us boxes and bubble wrap to use when packing – so many kind friends and neighbours!. And there were so many other friends who offered help too that we didn’t take up – it was so appreciated!

The girls had a great send-off from school. There were cards and gifts, a huge ‘Good Luck’ message on the whiteboard and a party too! Then we had an emotional final meet-up at a pub in Sandbach where we said a tearful farewell to family and many good friends. Thank you all for your thoughtful gifts and well wishes. Thank you for your kindness and support. We have so much to be grateful for and feel blessed to have you in our lives. We are going to miss you all over the next year, but please keep in touch and leave us comments here on the blog.

The hardest days of all though were always going to be saying goodbye to parents/grandparents and we planned to spend a day with Andy’s Mum, and one with my Mum and John immediately before we left. They did us proud, preparing us delicious home cooked meals and making us feel very special. Lovely memories we will carry with us over the next year. Thank you so much!

So now we are pitched in Stratford upon Avon and, for now at least, the rain has stopped. Hooray!


  • Sue C

    What a lovely record of your last weeks before your trip. You certainly packed a lot in. Glad the weather is better and that the dreaded splinter is out at last. Robin and Kate arrive this afternoon and they will be keen to know all about what you are doing. Lots of love my darling. X

  • BF

    It has been a pleasure to get to know you all over the years and the whole of BF wishes you good luck on your fabulous adventures! We think that you are all amazing and an inspiration to all and will look forward to reading your blog posts throughout your time away! Lots of love, your friends always from BF xxx

    • Sarah

      Not yet. In the New Forest for another day, then Hastings for a few nights and over to France around the 26th July. Xx