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The Battle of Hastings

Hastings - looking up the 1066 battlefield
View up Senlac Hill, the 1066 battlefield. The Norman army started at the foot of the hill where we are standing. Harold’s English army were at the top where you can just see the distant buildings.

The thing I enjoyed most in Hastings was learning about the battle of Hastings. This is the story of the battle of Hastings…

The Battle happened on the 14th October 1066. It was between King Harold and William, Duke of Normandy. The Battle happened because William wanted to be King. They came in boats from Normandy in France. The English army were already tired because they had just been in a battle with some Vikings who had tried to invade England. This also meant that they had fewer men to fight.

Hastings - Battle Abbey
Some of the remains of Battle Abbey, founded by William the Conqueror to mark the spot where the battle took place and where King Harold was killed.

Part way through there was a rumour that William had died and some of the Norman soldiers started to walk away and the English”wall” made of shields broke because some of them thought they would go and kill the Normans.  Then William shouted “I’m here”and they all ran back. Because the English were winning, William ordered some of them to do it again. Then William got out his archers and they started firing arrows. One of the arrows went in Harold’s eye and he died. The English decided it was no use and gave up, but the Normans chased them and killed them. That was it, the Normans had won. 7000 men died in a field of blood on Senlac Hill, which is now known as Battle.



  • blackfirsyear2

    This is brilliant Megan, well done. I love the photos and how you have described the Battle of Hastings, you have taught me something new! This really is learning at its best! Keep up with the excellent posts!!! I hope you’re all having a fab time, from Mr Woods

  • Sarah

    What a wonderful piece of writing Megan! It sounds like you all had a great time in Hastings and how wonderful to see such a famous historic site! On our holiday in Spain we went to a place where they had discovered remains from a Roman and a Greek town. Archaeologists are still working there to see what else there is to discover. It might have looked just like a lot of old stones and pretty mosaics but there a fantastic video and then an audio tour that made the who place come alive for you! I think you and Emma would enjoy it so I will tell your mummy how to find it in case you end up in that part of Spain.

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