The joys of towing!


Just a quick blog post with some thoughts about towing.  On our relocation from Stratford to the New Forest, I did my first stint of towing the caravan (Roy, please take note!!).  And I can’t say I enjoyed it.  Not. One. Bit.  Andy will almost certainly do the majority of the driving on our trip, not because he is a better driver than me (although I’m sure he’ll beg to differ), but because he very much likes driving.  He is also not a very good passenger (although I’m sure he’ll beg to differ on that point too)  and so the combination of the two means that he nearly always takes the driving seat when we are together.  But, it is important that I am able to tow as well and that I know how everything on the caravan works.  I don’t like feeling helpless and completely reliant on Andy for things, so I have to make myself do them, even though I was right out of my comfort zone.  Oh well, I’m sure next time it will be easier!

How about everyone else out there?  Who does most of the driving when you’re together? And if you have a caravan, do any of you ladies do the towing?  (Lisa, every respect to you for towing your caravan to Scotland every summer!). What about you blokes – do you like driving?  Do you enjoy towing or do you do it because someone has to?  Are you a good passenger?  I’d love to know if it’s the same for you.  Please leave a comment/reply below.



  • Jen

    I’m super impressed! I really don’t enjoy driving so the thought of driving a big car with a caravan attached fills me with horror! Matt always drives if we’re going anywhere together, and will definitely drive on holiday in France! x

    • Sarah

      Mmmm, I completely understand the feeling! My worry is that the next time I drive I might not only be towing the caravan, but driving on the wrong side of the road! Yikes!!

  • John

    The biggest thing I ever towed was a garden trailer and even that had the better of me! I stand in awe of Roy as he reverses his caravan up the drive.. I’m enjoying your blogs. Keep them up. P.S. Further to your Stratford visit. Did you know that Shakespeare was not allowed in any of the towns pubs or inns. Apparently he was barred!!!? Looking forward to your next instalment. John.

    • Sarah

      Ha ha ha, very funny! And did you know when he wrote he couldn’t decide which pencil to use? ‘2B or not 2B?’
      Seriously though, glad you’re enjoying the blog. And yes, respect to Roy on how he manoeuvres his caravan so effortlessly onto his drive!

  • David

    We are really impressed that you have had a go at towing. Mandy would always argue that she is the better driver and does a lot of the towing. We share each journey equally and I am responsible for all reversing. If you think towing is hard going forwards, try reversing into a tight spot. So not give up, your skills will improve with practice. It is a lot easier towing in France since there is less traffic! Andy might be required to deal with the narrow roads in a village!

    • Sarah

      Hi Dave, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’m glad to hear that it will be easier in France – the roads down here seem to be stupidly busy, so less traffic will be a delight! Andy also says that the road quality will almost certainly be better too. I’m impressed that you share each journey equally – great teamwork!
      Like you, for the moment at least, Andy will be doing ALL of the reversing! He is actually pretty good at it, having had many years of practice with our trailer tent.

  • Roy

    Hi Sarah, fab at last, as I think I may have said to you I was happy to give you some lessons before you set off, next time you will feel better I am sure, not to sure if you know but Karen is not a driver so it me or maybe me, keep having a go and you will get better faster lots of small trips and maybe when your on site going to your pitch

    have fun look forward to the next blog

    Roy & Karen

  • Sarah

    Oh my gosh! Well done you for giving it a go! Im seriously impressed! I do a lot of driving normally since I drive Caitlin the 20min journey to school and back twice a day most days. But Andrew did almost all the driving on this huge trip we just made and I was very happy when the few times I offered he said “no thanks”. Nothing to do with the quality of my driving Ofcourse!!!!!
    You will be just fine driving on the “wrong” side of the road. Do it without towing first so you can build confidence-and this is where you “want” your passenger to be giving instruction sometimes!

    • Sarah

      Yes indeed, I guess there are times when it is helpful to have comments and instructions from the passenger seat! Would love to hear all about your big road trip. On my new roaming contract I can call Sweden for free now, so hope to talk to you soon! Xx

    • Sarah

      Thanks Jason, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me that didn’t really enjoy towing! Your motor home does look big – and very nice – so I’m not surprised it is also hard to manoeuvre. Do you have bikes or something to get around once you’re on a campsite or do you have to take the motor home with you everywhere? At our last campsite we saw someone towing a Suzuki keep behind their motor home!! That did seem rather extreme. Sarah

      • Jason A

        Hi Sarah, We don’t have that big motor-home any more, just a small 19yr old camper, used the big one to add to the deposit on a house! We always cycled or walked so we had to plan in advance. Our biggest trip was from North Shields on the ferry to Rotterdam and then all of the way down to Les Sables-d’Olonne for a few weeks, it was an awesome holiday, nothing compared to your adventure though.