The Wild Ponies of the New Forest

The New Forest - ponies2
Ponies grazing outside people’s houses

We are currently staying on Holmsley campsite in the New Forest. It used to be an airfield during the war. We have pitched our caravan where the aeroplanes used to park. The New Forest is near the south coast of England and around 5,000 ponies and foals live there wild and free. Some of the ponies are owned by the villagers who have permits so that they can let the horses roam on this area.

The New Forest - ponies4
Ponies blocking the road and ignoring us!

When we were trying to get onto the campsite there were around 20 ponies, foals and horses blocking the road. As we tried to drive past – slowly – they started licking the bonnet, daddy swished the windscreen wipers on and they backed away. One of the horses turned around and we saw its bottom. After about 10 minutes of trying to get through, the horses finally budged. I was quite scared that we were going to hit the ponies but we didn’t.

New Forest - foal
One of the beautiful foals in the New Forest

On the way to the campsite I saw a foal lying on the tarmac. The foal had mud all over it so I could see it breathing. I was very worried about it and told mum and dad, but when we drove past the foal I saw its eyes were open and thankfully it was alive. I think the foal was probably just sunbathing.

The New Forest - ponies3
A pony right outside the car window

The horses, ponies and foals are not scruffy and thin, they are actually beautiful and majestic.  They have shiny coats and are very healthy, as all they do is eat nutritious grass and block the campsite entrance!  To stop the horses coming in the campsite, they had to put in a cattle grid.  To be honest with you, I would have liked it if the horses were allowed to come into the campsite because I LOVE horses!



  • Jen Harrison

    A lovely post Emma! I remember seeing the ponies when we visited the New Forest a couple of years ago. They didn’t hurry for us either! 😊

  • blackfirsyear2

    Hello Emma – great blog post! The horses, ponies and foals look amazing, especially the one with the mohican! I can tell that you like horses a lot!!! It’s great to see that you’re having a brilliant time – keep up with the blog posts, I really enjoy reading them. From Mr Woods

  • Elizabeth Anne Egan

    Hi Emma Sounds great , glad you’re having a good time. Thanks for the postcard. Love Aunty Anne

  • Elizabeth Anne Egan

    Hi Emma . Sounds great . Horses are definitely very special. Thanks for the postcard. Love Auntie Anne x

  • Elizabeth Anne Egan

    Hi Emma Sounds great. Horses are definitely very special. Thanks for the postcard. Love Aunty Anne x

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