Close up of the head section of an Egyptian coffin on display at the World Museum in Liverpool
United Kingdom

10 Reasons You Should Visit the World Museum in Liverpool (And What Not To Miss When You’re There)

We recently visited Liverpool’s World Museum with our two children and had a fabulous day out.  In our opinion, the World Museum is one of the best museums in Liverpool for families and kids.  We would highly recommend it if you are looking for something to do with your kids on a rainy day, in the school holidays or as a home education trip.  Here are 10 reasons why you should make a special trip or add it to your list of Liverpool attractions when you are visiting the city. 

Exterior of the World Museum
Exterior of World Museum (left) and striking images in the Central Lobby (right)

10 Reasons You Should Visit the World Museum in Liverpool

1. It has the second biggest ancient Egypt galleries in the UK (after the British Museum in London)

Let me say that again – the only way to see more ancient Egyptian artefacts on display in the UK is to go to the British Museum in London!  If your child is doing ancient Egypt at school, then this is a hugely valuable day out (see my second reason to visit below).  And even if they’re not learning about it at school, what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t love to look at mummies and coffins? There is something fascinating and a little macabre about them, don’t you think? 

Cast of the head of King Amenhotep III
Cast of the head of King Amenhotep III in the Ancient Egypt galleries at the World Museum . The statue from which it comes measured more than 8 metres tall and was one of a series of huge statues found inside the King’s funerary temple at Thebes. The original is in the British Museum in London.

2. It will help your child with what they are learning in school

The museum has displays and galleries covering an incredible number of subjects and material that your child/children will be learning in school – looking at bugs and plant lifecycles, natural history, ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, habitats and food chains, endangered animals and habitats around the world, the solar system, marine life and dinosaurs. You will find them all at the World Museum.

3. Entrance is free

Entrance is completely free for most of the museum.  The only things you need to pay for are some of the planetarium shows (although one of them is free) and for special exhibitions such as the recent Terracotta Warriors exhibition. 

This means that you don’t have to make your visit into a big day out just to get your money’s worth on the entrance fee; you can dip in for a small part of it if you want to – brilliant if you’ve got younger children who tire easily or if you only have a few hours to spare.

Of course, donations are welcome and museums like this do need everyone to be generous, but on our visit, no-one approached us for any money and there was no-one there to make you feel awkward if you didn’t donate anything. 

4. It is big enough to have some quality exhibits, but small enough that it doesn’t feel overwhelming

Some museums (and we found this with the Natural History Museum in London) are just so huge that you really don’t know where to start and you can only ever see a tiny fraction of what they have to offer in a single visit.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with choosing what to see and navigating from one to the next. 

Not so with the World Museum.  It manages to have to some really significant artefacts and collections but never feels overwhelming – another big plus if you are visiting with small children. 

5. It has something for everyone

Maybe you’ve got a pre-schooler who is mad about dinosaurs, or a tween who is fascinated by ancient Egypt, or a kid who can’t get enough about planets and rockets and space.  You will find something for all of them at the World Museum. 

The Museum’s biggest draw is its ancient Egypt galleries (did I mention they are the second largest in the UK after those at the British Museum in London?) but it has a great range of other exhibits too, such as a planetarium, an aquarium, a bug museum, World Cultures gallery, dinosaurs and plenty more to keep your little (or not so little) ones enthralled. 

6. It is easy to navigate

The World Museum is super easy to navigate, so you won’t find yourself back in the same stairwell you just left, turning your floor guide upside down and round about trying to figure out how to get to the dinosaurs!  It is arranged over 5 floors, with different themes on each floor so it is easy for you and your child to decide where to go next:

  • Ground floor – Information desk, cloakroom/buggy park, café, shop
  • First floor – Aquarium (currently closed – April 2019)
  • Second floor – Bug House, Clore Natural History Centre
  • Third floor – World Cultures, Ancient Egypt, Weston Discovery Centre
  • Fourth floor – Dinosaurs, Endangered Planet
  • Fifth floor – Planetarium, Space & Time

7. It has good facilities for families

The World Museum has put some thought into providing the sort of facilities that families need on a day out, such as:

  • A CLOAKROOM where you can leave your buggy and all your coats and bags, so you don’t have to carry them around all day.
  • TOILETS on every floor, so you are never far from one when your child suddenly tells you they need to go.
  • A great PICNIC ROOM with tables and chairs and even a sink with handwash and paper towels.
  • A good-sized CAFÉ with reasonably priced food, ideal for breakfast or lunch or just to stop for a rest and a snack.  There are plenty of menu selections for children and highchairs are available.  Café staff will even warm bottles for you.
  • BABY CHANGING FACILITIES on the ground, first, second and third floors, so once again you are never very far from one when you need it.