We’re not sure how you found us, but we’re glad you did and we hope you find some interest or inspiration in these pages.

Did you ever have one of those days (or even weeks) when you looked back on it and couldn’t remember what on earth you had done with your time?  When your days were filled with routine jobs and activities and you didn’t even notice them passing?  Maybe there were a few highlights – a great holiday, nights out with friends or fabulous weekends doing something fun together as a family, but mostly life was filled with school, work and other obligations.

That was us.  Life was just ‘happening’, without us feeling like we had any choice in how we spent it.  So, we started to search for an alternative – simpler living, being more present in the moment, spending more quality time with our children…..and a bit of adventure!  So, we  downsized our possessions, sold our house and set off to travel around Europe in our caravan for a year. And we hope that our days will truly belong to us.